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+title: Using ETAGs with TTImageView
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+<div class="authors">
+ <div class="author">Author: <a href="">Paulo Oliveira</a></div>
+Using ETAGs with TTImageView
+^TTImageView^ is a network-enabled image view that could asynchronously load one image from a web server, has
+the powerful feature to cache the image locally based on different policies.
+One powerful and well knowed policy is use <a href="">HTML ETAGs</a>.
+But how we can enable ^TTImageView^ to use this policy?
+^TTImageView^ internally use the ^TTURLRequest^ in order to make the server call and retrieve the data. ^TTURLRequest^
+default policy is ^TTURLRequestCachePolicyDefault^. So, we have to change this property to ^TTURLRequestCachePolicyEtag^.
+And how we do that?
+Since Three20 version 1.0.7, ^TTImageView^ pass the control to his <b>delegate</b> before fire the <b>request</b>.
+On this specific moment you can set the <b>requester</b> with the new policy.
+Let's see how we can do that in code:
+First the class that will act as <b>delegate</b> should implement the ^TTImageViewDelegate^ protocol:
+ @interface myTTImageViewDelegate <TTImageViewDelegate>
+ ...
+ @end
+Next you should attach your class as delegate of ^TTImageView^:
+ TTImageView *imageView = [[TTImageView alloc] initWithFrame:someFrame];
+ imageView.delegate = myDelegate;
+And finally implement the <code>imageView:willSendARequest</code> method:
+ - (void)imageView:(TTImageView*)imageView willSendARequest:(TTURLRequest*)requester {
+ // Use ETAgs.
+ requester.cachePolicy = TTURLRequestCachePolicyEtag;
+ }
+That's it, this method will be called everytime just before the ^TTImageView^ ask
+the server for the image.

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