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UPGRADE FROM 0.2.x to 0.3


  • message.Message.Ack and message.Message.Nack now return bool instead of error
  • message.Subscriber.Subscribe now accepts context.Context as the first argument
  • message.Subscriber.Subscribe now returns <-chan *Message instead of chan *Message
  • message.Router.AddHandler and message.Router.AddNoPublisherHandler now panic, instead of returning error


  • updated all Pub/Subs to new message.Subscriber interface
  • gochannel.NewGoChannel now accepts gochannel.Config, instead of positional parameters
  • http.NewSubscriber now accepts http.SubscriberConfig, instead of positional parameters


  • metrics.NewMetrics is removed, please use the metrics component instead


  • watermill.LoggerAdapter interface now requires a With(fields LogFields) LoggerAdapter method
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