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package googlecloud
import (
// Marshaler transforms a Waterfall Message into the Google Cloud client library Message.
type Marshaler interface {
Marshal(topic string, msg *message.Message) (*pubsub.Message, error)
// Unmarshaler transforms a Google Cloud client library Message into the Waterfall Message.
type Unmarshaler interface {
Unmarshal(*pubsub.Message) (*message.Message, error)
// UUIDHeaderKey is the key of the Pub/Sub attribute that carries Waterfall UUID.
const UUIDHeaderKey = "_watermill_message_uuid"
// DefaultMarshalerUnmarshaler implements Marshaler and Unmarshaler in the following way:
// All Google Cloud Pub/Sub attributes are equivalent to Waterfall Message metadata.
// Waterfall Message UUID is equivalent to an attribute with `UUIDHeaderKey` as key.
type DefaultMarshalerUnmarshaler struct{}
type MarshalerUnmarshaler interface {
func (m DefaultMarshalerUnmarshaler) Marshal(topic string, msg *message.Message) (*pubsub.Message, error) {
if value := msg.Metadata.Get(UUIDHeaderKey); value != "" {
return nil, errors.Errorf("metadata %s is reserved by watermill for message UUID", UUIDHeaderKey)
attributes := map[string]string{
UUIDHeaderKey: msg.UUID,
for k, v := range msg.Metadata {
attributes[k] = v
marshaledMsg := &pubsub.Message{
Data: msg.Payload,
Attributes: attributes,
return marshaledMsg, nil
func (u DefaultMarshalerUnmarshaler) Unmarshal(pubsubMsg *pubsub.Message) (*message.Message, error) {
metadata := make(message.Metadata, len(pubsubMsg.Attributes))
var id string
for k, attr := range pubsubMsg.Attributes {
if k == UUIDHeaderKey {
id = attr
metadata.Set(k, attr)
metadata.Set("publishTime", pubsubMsg.PublishTime.String())
msg := message.NewMessage(id, pubsubMsg.Data)
msg.Metadata = metadata
return msg, nil