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DataStore for 360 Giving data

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Postgres setup


In this example we create a user test and password test for dev usage.

$ sudo apt-get install postgresql-12 postgresql-server-dev-12
$ sudo -u postgres createuser -P -e test  --interactive
$ createdb -U test -W 360givingdatastore

(In development you can also set the DATABASE_HOST, DATABASE_NAME,DATABASE_USER and DATABASE_PASSWORD environmental variables.)

Python setup

$ virtualenv --python=python3 ./.ve/
$ source ./.ve/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Run the dev server

$ migrate
$ createsuperuser
$ runserver

Loading grant data

Note: before loading grant data you may wish to load additional_data sources

$ load_datagetter_data ../path/to/data/dir/from/datagetter/

Loading data for additional data

A number of the sources for additional_data have their own local caches these can be loaded via:

$ load_code_names
$ load_geolookups
$ load_nspl
$ load_org_data
$ loaddata default_tsg_org_types

Other useful commands

There are many useful management commands see:

$ --help # !

Dev with Docker Compose

Developers can also use Docker Compose to get a local development environment.


docker-compose -f up

The website should be available at http://localhost:8000

Use Ctrl-C to exit.

Loading grant data & additional data

Whilst leaving the up command running, you should use docker-compose run with the commands from the above sections.

eg; instead of running:

$ load_code_names


$ docker-compose -f run datastore-web python datastore/ load_code_names

Getting database CLI


$ docker-compose -f run -e PGPASSWORD=postgres postgres psql -h postgres -U postgres 



$ pip install -r ./requirements_dev.txt

You will also need the chromedriver for your machine's chromimum based browser. see

Alternatively edit the selenium test setup in test_browser to use your preferred selenium setup.

Run tests

$ ./ test tests
$ flake8
$ black --check ./

Running specific tests

You can run any particular tests individually e.g.:

$ test tests.test_additional_data_tsgorgtype

see test --help for more info

Updating requirements

We target python3.8 for our requirements.

Use pip-compile provided by pip-tools package to process requirements .in files.

Key modules in the datastore


This module is the central datastore for 360 Giving data. It contains the models which define the database and the ORM for accessing, creating and updating the grant data.

A key function is managing the Latest data which represent the created datasets that are built from datagetter grant data. These datasets are used in GrantNav.

Management commands here allow for loading and managing datasets as well as a mechanism for external scripts to update the current status of the system (status is used in the UI and for GrantNav API).


This contains the API endpoints that are used to control the system from the UI, indicate the status and data download url for GrantNav updates as well as an experimental REST API built using django-rest-framework.


Templates and staic html/js live here, there is a basic dashboard which shows the current status of the system as well as a mechanism to trigger a full datarun (fetch and load).


During the load of grant data (datagetter data) that is done by the db module command load_datagetter_data each grant is passed to the create method of the AdditionalDataGenerator, here various sources are used to add to an additional_data object that is available on the Grant model.

additional_data data sources come in various forms, static files which are loaded, as well as caches of data in our local database (for example postcode lookups).

The generator ensures a particular order to additional_data fields being added which allows for dependencies of one source to another.


Provides a prometheus endpoint to monitor vital metrics on the datastore


An example datarun script. This is an orchestrator of running a datagetter, updating the statuses and loading the data into the datastore.


Django Settings for the datastore. Includes location for data run logs, the data run script / pid


Various cross-module tests.


A Data Store application for 360 Giving







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