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360Giving Logo

360Giving Standard

360Giving aims to help UK grant makers and philanthropists to publish their grant information online in an easy to use way. We are motivated by a commitment to the value of open data and strategic funding.

The 360Giving Data Standard provides a common approach for publishing grant data.

For more about the overall project, visit the main 360Giving website.

Full documentation of the data standard is provided at

Schema and tools

From Version 1.0 of the schema and onwards:

  • The authoritative source of the standard is found in 360-giving-schema.json and 360-giving-package-schema.json in JSON Schema format (the former describes what a grant should look like, the second describes how to package up multiple grants into a single JSON file).
  • Two secondary serialisation templates are generated using the flatten-tool: a summary table (CSV/XLS), and multi-table template (XLS)
  • A JSON Table Schema is provided for the summary table

This repository stores the latest versions of the schema, along with tools used in generating secondary serialisations and documentation.

Editing documentation

Documentation can now be edited directly in the documentation directory.


To build the documentation you will need a virtual environment set up.

git clone
cd standard
git submodule init
git submodule update
python3 -m virtualenv -p $(which python3) .ve
source .ve/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

In Windows, instead of source .ve/bin/activate run pyenv\Scripts\activate.bat

Build the docs

cd documentation
make html

Then open _build/html/index.html in your browser.

Adding a new branch on Read the Docs

Make sure you are a "Maintainer" of the Read the Docs project. If you are, you will see an Admin button on If not, you can request access via

If your branch has been recently created, then you need to trigger a build (of any other branch) in order for Read the Docs to refresh the branch list (due to this bug).

Then hit the Versions button, and "Edit" next to the branch you want to set up. Then tick "Active" and hit "Save".

This should also trigger a build, which you can see via the Builds button.