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This project was the home of code used to develop a modern date and time library for JDK8. Development has moved to OpenJDK and a separate backport project, threetenbp.
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Former home of the ThreeTen/JSR-310 project

JSR-310 is a project under the Java Community Process to provide a modern date and time library for the JDK. ThreeTen is the name of the Reference Implementation used to develop the specification.


This GitHub project is currently dormant, as active development of JSR-310 has moved to OpenJDK to integrate with JDK1.8:

The active issue tracker is still located here at GitHub:

A backport of the API, but not the JSR, has been provided for JDK1.7 users: This is available in the Maven Central repository and uses the ThreeTen name.

A helpful home page has been created, where some documentation is being developed (applicable to JSR-310 and the ThreeTen backport).


As a long running project, the project has moved location down the years.

Source code history

This GitHub project was the home of the source code for a period from 2011-06-24 to 2012-12-04.

The initial commit to OpenJDK occurred on 2012-11-09: using commit from GitHub: This commit was made by scolebourne to establish IP transfer to OpenJDK.

Commits then occurred on both GitHub (scolebourne) and OpenJDK (rriggs, sherman) for the period from 2012-11-09 to 2012-12-04, a total of 136 GitHub commits. Here is an example of a commit (the first one) that was ported manually: Note that the porting changes the author (from scolebourne to rriggs).

The last commit to this repository that was ported to OpenJDK was on 2012-12-04:

Prior to being hosted at GitHub, the source code was hosted at Sourceforge. The VCS used was git from 2011-06-24 to 2011-06-24 (part of migrating to GitHub): The VCS was svn up from 2010-12-24 to 2011-06-10: Last commit at Sourceforge became this commit at GitHub:

Prior to being hosted as Sourceforge, the source code was hosted at The VCS was svn: Last commit at became this commit at Sourceforge:

No source code commit history was lost during the move from to Sourceforge to GitHub. All source code commit history was lost in the move to OpenJDK.

Mailing list history

Currently at OpenJDK:

Previously at Sourceforge:

Prior to that at


Location VCS Dates svn from inception to 2010-12-24
Sourceforge svn from 2010-12-24 to 2011-06-24
Sourceforge git from 2011-06-24 to 2011-06-24
GitHub git from 2011-06-24 to 2012-12-04
OpenJDK hg from 2012-12-04 onwards