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The namespace of the calendar is not clearly specified. The documentation including javadoc should explicitly state CLDR calendar names are used.

Formal definitions at:

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There appear to be two sets of sensible names - the CLDR id and a name more appropriate for human use. For example, "Minguo" rather than "roc", or "ThaiBuddhist" rather than "buddhist". We shouldn't be constrained by CLDR here, as they are intended as IDs.

The current chronology class has support for both name and CLDR id.


For identifying calendars on application UI, display names should be translatable. #100 filed for this requirement.

For internal ID purposes, I agree defining developer friendly alternate IDs may be available, as far as they are an alias of a CLDR ID.

ThreeTen member

Agreed to make getLocaleId() method public. Make ofName() accept either id.

@RogerRiggs RogerRiggs was assigned Oct 21, 2012

The method name should be changed to getTypeId to match the nomenclature used by CLDR and BCP47.

  • ISO -> iso8601 (Defined in BCP47/calendars.xml; since 2.0)
  • ThaiBuddhist -> buddhist
  • Hijrah -> islamic (Should this be islamicc?)
  • Japanese -> japanese
  • Minguo -> roc
  • Coptic -> coptic
ThreeTen member

The method getCalendarType() appears to have been added to Calendar in JDK 8. It would make sense to have a similar method name in both places.


Fixes #97; adds getCalendarType and updates corresponding calendar type ids and tests

Commit RogerRiggs@39a9419

@jodastephen jodastephen added a commit that closed this issue Oct 22, 2012
@jodastephen jodastephen Rename chronology name to ID
This brings chronology in line with ZoneId and ZoneOffset
It also helps clarify the difference between the chronology ID and the calendar system type
Fixes #97

Hijrah -> islamicc (Yes this should this be islamicc. This clarification is #118.)

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