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; main.asm
zeusemulate "48K" ; Tell the Zeus emulator to be a 48K Spectrum
zoLogicOperatorsHighPri = false ; Zeus assembler options
zoSupportStringEscapes = false ; (see Config tab
zoAllowFloatingLabels = false ; for details)
Zeus_PC = Start ; Tell the Zeus emulator where to start running code at
org $8000 ; Tell the Zeus assembler where to place the code
Main proc ; A named PROCedure (also our start point)
ld sp, Start ; Put our stack right below the program
Border(Black) ; Set the border to black using a helper macro
call SetupMenu ; Display the menu and don't return until we press SPACE
call SetupGame ; Everything that might need resetting between the end
Loop: ; of a game and the start of the next one
halt ; Wait until the next 50th second frame
call AnimateDemo ; Animate our monster
call MovePlayer ; Move up/down/left/right
jp Loop ; Go into an endless loop (for now...)
include "menu.asm" ; Routines for displaying the menu and setup the game
include "sprites.asm" ; Routines for displaying the player and NPCs
include "utilities.asm" ; General purpose routines
include "database.asm" ; Data tables and graphics tiles
include "constants.asm" ; EQUates to make the code more readable
include "macros.asm" ; Macro definitions to make the code more readable
include "nirvana+.asm" ; The NIRVANA+ multicolour graphics engine
if zeusver < 66 ; Make sure we have a new enough version for bleeding-edge features!
zeuserror "Upgrade to Zeus v3.80 or above, available at"
; Make tape file
End equ NIRVANA_org+9054 ; Calculate the last byte of our program
Size equ End-Start ; Count the bytes to save to tape
output_tap TapFile, "ZalaXa", "", Start, Size, 2, Start
; Make a .TAP file. Parameters:
; 1) the file name
; 2) the name of the BASIC loader program
; 3) a comment that goes in the TAP header
; 4) Start of machine code program
; 5) Length of machine code program
; 6) Zeus mode 2 files use the standard ROM loader
; 7) Tell the BASIC loader what to run with RANDOMIZE
; USR (like Zeus_PC tells the Zeus emulator)