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; constants.asm
; Game
Stack equ Start-1 ; Put our stack right below the program
BinPath equ "..\bin" ; Relative to main.asm
TapFile equ BinPath+"\ZalaXa.tap" ; Filename of tap file
SMC equ 0 ; Semantic placeholder for operands that wil be self-modified
; Sprites
Sprites proc
ALine equ NIRVANA_org+147+0*8 ; Line address (NIRVANA_org+147 is 56470, $DC96)
AColumn equ ALine-1 ; Column address
AIndex equ ALine+2 ; Index address
BLine equ NIRVANA_org+147+1*8 ; Line address (NIRVANA_org+147 is 56470, $DC96)
BColumn equ BLine-1 ; Column address
BIndex equ BLine+2 ; Index address
CLine equ NIRVANA_org+147+2*8 ; Line address (NIRVANA_org+147 is 56470, $DC96)
CColumn equ CLine-1 ; Column address
CIndex equ CLine+2 ; Index address
DLine equ NIRVANA_org+147+3*8 ; Line address (NIRVANA_org+147 is 56470, $DC96)
DColumn equ DLine-1 ; Column address
DIndex equ DLine+2 ; Index address
ELine equ NIRVANA_org+147+4*8 ; Line address (NIRVANA_org+147 is 56470, $DC96)
EColumn equ ELine-1 ; Column address
EIndex equ ELine+2 ; Index address
FLine equ NIRVANA_org+147+5*8 ; Line address (NIRVANA_org+147 is 56470, $DC96)
FColumn equ FLine-1 ; Column address
FIndex equ FLine+2 ; Index address
BTileLen equ 48 ; 16x16 pixels (32) + 16x8 attributes (16)
WTileLen equ 72 ; 24x16 pixels (48) + 24x8 attributes (24)
NIRVANA_org equ 56323
CHAN_OPEN equ $1601 ; ROM routine to select which channel to print to
ChannelUpper equ 2 ; Channel 2 is the upper screen
PR_STRING equ $203C ; ROM routine to print a string of characters
ULAPort equ $FE ; ULA port for setting the border and reading keys
FRAMES equ $5C78 ; Spectrum ROM Frame counter
; Screen
AttributeAddress equ $5800 ; Start of the attributes in the Spectrum display file
AttributeLength equ $300 ; There are 768 bytes of attributes
NAttrVOffset equ 82 ; NIRVANA+ attribute offset between lines
BS equ 8
CR equ 13
Ink equ 16
Paper equ 17
Flash equ 18
Dim equ %00000000
Bright equ %01000000
PrBright equ 19
Inverse equ 20
Over equ 21
At equ 22
Tab equ 23
Black equ 0
Blue equ 1
Red equ 2
Magenta equ 3
Green equ 4
Cyan equ 5
Yellow equ 6
White equ 7
BlackP equ 8*Black
BlueP equ 8*Blue
RedP equ 8*Red
MagentaP equ 8*Magenta
GreenP equ 8*Green
CyanP equ 8*Cyan
YellowP equ 8*Yellow
WhiteP equ 8*White
DimBlack equ Black
DimBlue equ Blue
DimRed equ Red
DimMagenta equ Magenta
DimGreen equ Green
DimCyan equ Cyan
DimYellow equ Yellow
DimWhite equ White
BrightBlack equ Black+Bright
BrightBlue equ Blue+Bright
BrightRed equ Red+Bright
BrightMagenta equ Magenta+Bright
BrightGreen equ Green+Bright
BrightCyan equ Cyan+Bright
BrightYellow equ Yellow+Bright
BrightWhite equ White+Bright
DimBlackBlackP equ DimBlack+BlackP
DimBlueBlackP equ DimBlue+BlackP
DimRedBlackP equ DimRed+BlackP
DimMagentaBlackP equ DimMagenta+BlackP
DimGreenBlackP equ DimGreen+BlackP
DimCyanBlackP equ DimCyan+BlackP
DimYellowBlackP equ DimYellow+BlackP
DimWhiteBlackP equ DimWhite+BlackP
BrightBlackBlackP equ BrightBlack+BlackP
BrightBlueBlackP equ BrightBlue+BlackP
BrightRedBlackP equ BrightRed+BlackP
BrightMagentaBlackP equ BrightMagenta+BlackP
BrightGreenBlackP equ BrightGreen+BlackP
BrightCyanBlackP equ BrightCyan+BlackP
BrightYellowBlackP equ BrightYellow+BlackP
BrightWhiteBlackP equ BrightWhite+BlackP
DimBlackBlueP equ DimBlack+BlueP
DimBlueBlueP equ DimBlue+BlueP
DimRedBlueP equ DimRed+BlueP
DimMagentaBlueP equ DimMagenta+BlueP
DimGreenBlueP equ DimGreen+BlueP
DimCyanBlueP equ DimCyan+BlueP
DimYellowBlueP equ DimYellow+BlueP
DimWhiteBlueP equ DimWhite+BlueP
BrightBlackBlueP equ BrightBlack+BlueP
BrightBlueBlueP equ BrightBlue+BlueP
BrightRedBlueP equ BrightRed+BlueP
BrightMagentaBlueP equ BrightMagenta+BlueP
BrightGreenBlueP equ BrightGreen+BlueP
BrightCyanBlueP equ BrightCyan+BlueP
BrightYellowBlueP equ BrightYellow+BlueP
BrightWhiteBlueP equ BrightWhite+BlueP
DimBlackRedP equ DimBlack+RedP
DimBlueRedP equ DimBlue+RedP
DimRedRedP equ DimRed+RedP
DimMagentaRedP equ DimMagenta+RedP
DimGreenRedP equ DimGreen+RedP
DimCyanRedP equ DimCyan+RedP
DimYellowRedP equ DimYellow+RedP
DimWhiteRedP equ DimWhite+RedP
BrightBlackRedP equ BrightBlack+RedP
BrightBlueRedP equ BrightBlue+RedP
BrightRedRedP equ BrightRed+RedP
BrightMagentaRedP equ BrightMagenta+RedP
BrightGreenRedP equ BrightGreen+RedP
BrightCyanRedP equ BrightCyan+RedP
BrightYellowRedP equ BrightYellow+RedP
BrightWhiteRedP equ BrightWhite+RedP
DimBlackMagentaP equ DimBlack+MagentaP
DimBlueMagentaP equ DimBlue+MagentaP
DimRedMagentaP equ DimRed+MagentaP
DimMagentaMagentaP equ DimMagenta+MagentaP
DimGreenMagentaP equ DimGreen+MagentaP
DimCyanMagentaP equ DimCyan+MagentaP
DimYellowMagentaP equ DimYellow+MagentaP
DimWhiteMagentaP equ DimWhite+MagentaP
BrightBlackMagentaP equ BrightBlack+MagentaP
BrightBlueMagentaP equ BrightBlue+MagentaP
BrightRedMagentaP equ BrightRed+MagentaP
BrightMagentaMagentaP equ BrightMagenta+MagentaP
BrightGreenMagentaP equ BrightGreen+MagentaP
BrightCyanMagentaP equ BrightCyan+MagentaP
BrightYellowMagentaP equ BrightYellow+MagentaP
BrightWhiteMagentaP equ BrightWhite+MagentaP
DimBlackGreenP equ DimBlack+GreenP
DimBlueGreenP equ DimBlue+GreenP
DimRedGreenP equ DimRed+GreenP
DimMagentaGreenP equ DimMagenta+GreenP
DimGreenGreenP equ DimGreen+GreenP
DimCyanGreenP equ DimCyan+GreenP
DimYellowGreenP equ DimYellow+GreenP
DimWhiteGreenP equ DimWhite+GreenP
BrightBlackGreenP equ BrightBlack+GreenP
BrightBlueGreenP equ BrightBlue+GreenP
BrightRedGreenP equ BrightRed+GreenP
BrightMagentaGreenP equ BrightMagenta+GreenP
BrightGreenGreenP equ BrightGreen+GreenP
BrightCyanGreenP equ BrightCyan+GreenP
BrightYellowGreenP equ BrightYellow+GreenP
BrightWhiteGreenP equ BrightWhite+GreenP
DimBlackCyanP equ DimBlack+CyanP
DimBlueCyanP equ DimBlue+CyanP
DimRedCyanP equ DimRed+CyanP
DimMagentaCyanP equ DimMagenta+CyanP
DimGreenCyanP equ DimGreen+CyanP
DimCyanCyanP equ DimCyan+CyanP
DimYellowCyanP equ DimYellow+CyanP
DimWhiteCyanP equ DimWhite+CyanP
BrightBlackCyanP equ BrightBlack+CyanP
BrightBlueCyanP equ BrightBlue+CyanP
BrightRedCyanP equ BrightRed+CyanP
BrightMagentaCyanP equ BrightMagenta+CyanP
BrightGreenCyanP equ BrightGreen+CyanP
BrightCyanCyanP equ BrightCyan+CyanP
BrightYellowCyanP equ BrightYellow+CyanP
BrightWhiteCyanP equ BrightWhite+CyanP
DimBlackYellowP equ DimBlack+YellowP
DimBlueYellowP equ DimBlue+YellowP
DimRedYellowP equ DimRed+YellowP
DimMagentaYellowP equ DimMagenta+YellowP
DimGreenYellowP equ DimGreen+YellowP
DimCyanYellowP equ DimCyan+YellowP
DimYellowYellowP equ DimYellow+YellowP
DimWhiteYellowP equ DimWhite+YellowP
BrightBlackYellowP equ BrightBlack+YellowP
BrightBlueYellowP equ BrightBlue+YellowP
BrightRedYellowP equ BrightRed+YellowP
BrightMagentaYellowP equ BrightMagenta+YellowP
BrightGreenYellowP equ BrightGreen+YellowP
BrightCyanYellowP equ BrightCyan+YellowP
BrightYellowYellowP equ BrightYellow+YellowP
BrightWhiteYellowP equ BrightWhite+YellowP
DimBlackWhiteP equ DimBlack+WhiteP
DimBlueWhiteP equ DimBlue+WhiteP
DimRedWhiteP equ DimRed+WhiteP
DimMagentaWhiteP equ DimMagenta+WhiteP
DimGreenWhiteP equ DimGreen+WhiteP
DimCyanWhiteP equ DimCyan+WhiteP
DimYellowWhiteP equ DimYellow+WhiteP
DimWhiteWhiteP equ DimWhite+WhiteP
BrightBlackWhiteP equ BrightBlack+WhiteP
BrightBlueWhiteP equ BrightBlue+WhiteP
BrightRedWhiteP equ BrightRed+WhiteP
BrightMagentaWhiteP equ BrightMagenta+WhiteP
BrightGreenWhiteP equ BrightGreen+WhiteP
BrightCyanWhiteP equ BrightCyan+WhiteP
BrightYellowWhiteP equ BrightYellow+WhiteP
BrightWhiteWhiteP equ BrightWhite+WhiteP