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Very quick guide on how to install a local copy

This guide assumes you know how to use the command-line and that your machine has php and mysql installed.

  • install composer
  • install npm
  • install gulp
  • clone the data repository
  • clone this repo
  • cd to it
  • run composer install to install PHP dependencies
  • run npm install to install JS dependencies
  • copy the .env file to .env.local and modify its configuration settings to your needs
  • run php bin/console doctrine:database:create to create the database
  • run php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate to create the database schema
  • run php bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load --env=prod to load default application data
  • run php bin/console app:import:std ../throneteki-json-data or whatever the path to the data repository is
  • run php bin/console bazinga:js-translation:dump assets/js to export translation files for the frontend
  • run php bin/console fos:js-routing:dump --target=public/js/fos_js_routes.js to export routes for the frontend
  • run gulp to build web assets
  • run php bin/console server:run

Setup an admin account

  • register (or run php bin/console fos:user:create <username>)
  • make sure your account is enabled (or run php bin/console fos:user:activate <username>)
  • run php bin/console fos:user:promote --super <username>
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