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nofxx commented Jan 6, 2012

This makes dead simple to use the scaffold on other arduinos and programmers.
Tested with duemilanove, usbasp and a bunch of chips.
Adds some README too.

Thank you for this project.

@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ void configure(void)
TCCR0B = _BV(CS00) | _BV(CS01);
/* enable the TIMER0 overflow interrupt */
- TIMSK0 = _BV(TOIE0);
+ TIMSK0 = _BV(TOIE0); // TIMSK in ATTiny

sw17ch Jan 24, 2012


Should there be more code in this file to support the ATTiny? As it stands, I'm probably going to toss the changes in main.c. I don't really see the intent here.


nofxx Jan 24, 2012

For one, it shows how easy it is to target tiny ;)
But, the error on attiny is a bit cryptic too, It took me some minutes to figure out...

+# Flash burner
+PROGRAMMER = ENV['PROGRAMMER'] || 'arduino' # usbasp
+ "/dev/tty#{RUBY_PLATFORM =~ /linux/ ? 'USB' : '.usbmodel'}").first

nofxx Jan 24, 2012

Just saw an error here... there should be an asterisk '*' on string ending here:




Please fix on merge, sorry.

nofxx commented Oct 31, 2012

Ended up with my collection:

@nofxx nofxx closed this Oct 31, 2012

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