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A Meetup PHP scraper class for getting a multi-dimensional array of past or future events for a given group
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A PHP scraper class for getting a multi-dimensional array of events for a given group. This is likely very fragile, as all HTML scrapers are ;) If you want more stability, Meetup has an API:

This plugin requires php-xml:

Sample Code

Here we pass in synshop into the get_future_meetup_events() method to get the events future from the SYN Shop group and then loop through the resulting $events array printing out the human_date and title and then stop after 6 events:

$meetup = new MeetupEvents();
$events = $meetup->get_future_meetup_events('synshop');
$count = 1;
foreach ( $events as $event){
        print "<div class='date'>{$event['human_date']}</div>";
        print "<div class='event'>{$event['title']}</div>";
        if ($count > 6) break;

To show past events, you would have called get_past_meetup_events() instead.

Event Elements

The script returns and array of events. Each event has the following key value pairs:

  • link
  • title
  • epoch (microtime)
  • human_date
  • description

Here's a var_dump() of a sample event:

    [link] =>
    [title] => Paid Members Only:  Danger Room Tools and Shop Orientation
    [epoch] => 1568685600000
    [human_date] => Mon, Sep 16, 7:00 PM
    [description] => Tonight we cover the major rules in the Danger room, and the Major Rules for safety in the danger room.
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