command line interface providing useful utilities for pitt students
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Pitt-Cli - CLI for Pitt Students


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$ [sudo] npm install -g pitt-cli

Optional Installation

In order to use print link functionality wkhtmltopdf must be installed on your system.

Linux users can run the command:

$ pitt setup

Windows/OS X users can download wkhtmltopdf from here.

Available Commands:

  • Print - send file to

    $ pitt print [args] path/to/file

    -c send file to

    -l send link to printer instead of file

  • Email - send email from pitt email

    $ pitt email [-cc] "recipients" ["subject"] ["body"]

    -cc prompts for recipients to cc on the email

    • If no subject or body defined, user will be prompted for them
    • Multiple recipients must be seperated by commas ex. pitt email "," "subject" "body"
  • SSH - connect to

    $ pitt ssh
  • THOTH - connect to

    $ pitt thoth
  • Deploy - deploy given directory to your personal Pitt website

    $ pitt deploy "directory"
    • backups saved to ~/.html-backup directory on
  • setup - install wkhtmltopdf onto your system

    $ pitt setup
  • Help

    $ pitt --help


  • integrate blackboard api
  • integrate box api
  • research any other open data pitt provides
  • unit testing