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MixedModeAuth introduction

This project is a fork from AuthPlayer by Arcalyth. He created a plugin that allows you to spoof names server-side for use in a LAN - I upgraded the code with full support for secure online/offline mixed mode servers through a CraftBukkit mod.

How does it work?

You run the server in online mode. The requests from the server that go to to verify the account are monitored through a small CraftBukkit mod. Source for this mod is available in my github, you can compile it yourself if you don't trust my build. If the account is verified, the user is automatically identified as themselves (and will be asked to set a password if they do not have one already). If it is not, the user is renamed to "player_[NUMBER]" to prevent people from kicking each other off, and then asked for their name and password to play, after which they will be renamed to their real username.

Usage requirements

  • Modded CraftBukkit build
  • or hosts file edit + properly setup checkserver.php file ("Legacy mode")

"Modded" version installation instructions

Download a combined CraftBukkit mod + MixedModeAuth pack. Downloads can be found here. Overwrite your original CraftBukkit (the mod will not interfere with any plugins or settings and works exactly like the normal CraftBukkit does!), and drop the MixedModeAuth plugin into the plugins folder. Restart the server (not just reload - full restart: stop the server and start it up again) to make the modded CraftBukkit active. The default config should be good for most uses.

"Legacy" version installation instructions

Can be found here!

Client mod

1.8 client mod here

1.0.0/1.0.1 client mod here

This client mod allows you to connect to online mode servers when is down. All this mod does is ignore the online mode flag for servers, and attempt to connect no matter if you are in online or offline mode. This does not give you access to normal online mode servers - only servers running this plugin will let you in when this mod is installed (thus, this client mod does not break the terms of service!). It also adds a timeout of a few seconds to the attempt of authorizing to the server, so you can actually connect when authorization servers are slow or down. Install like all other client mods are installed, should be compatible with most other mods out there. In case anyone wants to make changes or include this into a pack, feel free. The source for the client mod can be found here as a patch file. Requires MCP to compile!


This plugin has permissions support. The following permissions are available:


Makes the /auth delete command available (delete accounts). By default only available to ops.


Makes the /auth password command available (change your own password). By default available for everyone.


Makes the /auth create command available (create accounts). By default only available to ops. "Premium" players (that passed validation) will always be allowed to create a password for themselves, no matter what permissions are set.

Ways to deal with MixedModeAuth accounts

To allow anyone with a account to play both with and without the auth servers online, use the default settings.

To prevent anyone except a select few from playing, use whitelisting (make sure to whitelist the user "player"!) and do not give out the mixedmodeauth.create permission to anyone except ops.

To allow people without account to play, give the create permission to everyone. Note that they will be able to use any username, though! If the real owner of the username comes online using their valid account they will then be assigned this account instead of the "guest" player that created it. Thus you can not "steal" accounts this way.

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