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import re
import string
from unicodedata import normalize
from import array
FILE_PATH = 'raw_data/deu.txt'
def load_doc(filename):
file = open(filename, mode='rt', encoding='utf-8')
text =
return text
def to_pairs(doc):
lines = doc.strip().split('\n')
pairs = [line.split('\t') for line in lines]
return pairs
def clean_pairs(lines):
cleaned = list()
re_print = re.compile('[^%s]' % re.escape(string.printable))
table = str.maketrans('', '', string.punctuation)
for pair in lines:
clean_pair = list()
for line in pair:
# normalize unicode characters
line = normalize('NFD', line).encode('ascii', 'ignore')
line = line.decode('UTF-8')
line = line.split()
line = [word.lower() for word in line]
line = [word.translate(table) for word in line]
line = [re_print.sub('', w) for w in line]
line = [word for word in line if word.isalpha()]
clean_pair.append(' '.join(line))
return array(cleaned)
min_line_length = 2 # Minimum number of words required to be in training
max_line_length = 30 # Minimum number of words allowed to be in training
frequency_of_word = 1 # minumum number of word count usages
def read_data_from_file(filename):
lines = open(filename).read().split('\n')
return lines
def create_dictionary_word_usage(selected_source, selected_target):
# Create a dictionary for the frequency of the vocabulary
vocab = {}
for source in selected_source:
for word in source.split():
if word not in vocab:
vocab[word] = 1
vocab[word] += 1
for target in selected_target:
for word in target.split():
if word not in vocab:
vocab[word] = 1
vocab[word] += 1
return vocab
def vocab_from_word_to_emb_without_rare_word(dict_word_usage, min_number_of_usage):
vocab_words_to_int = {}
vocab_words_to_int['<GO>'] = 0
vocab_words_to_int['<EOS>'] = 1
vocab_words_to_int['<UNK>'] = 2
vocab_words_to_int['<PAD>'] = 3
word_num = 4
for word, count in dict_word_usage.items():
# maximum number of characters allowed in a word
if len(word) <= 20:
if count >= min_number_of_usage:
vocab_words_to_int[word] = word_num
word_num += 1
return vocab_words_to_int
def write_lines_to_file(filename, list_of_lines):
with open(filename, 'w') as file_to_write:
for i in range(len(list_of_lines)):
file_to_write.write(list_of_lines[i] + "\n")
def write_dict_to_file(dict_to_write, file_to_write):
with open(file_to_write, 'w') as file_to:
for key, val in dict_to_write.items():
file_to.write(str(key) + "=" + str(val) + "\n")
def sort_text_based_on_number_of_words(sources, targets, max_line_length):
# Sort sources and targets by the length of sources.
# This will reduce the amount of padding during training
# Which should speed up training and help to reduce the loss
sorted_sources = []
sorted_targets = []
for length in range(min_line_length, max_line_length):
for i, ques in enumerate(sources):
ques_tmp = ques.split(" ")
if len(ques_tmp) == length:
return sorted_sources, sorted_targets
def main_prepare_data():
doc = load_doc(FILE_PATH)
pairs = to_pairs(doc)
data_source_file = 'process_data/english'
data_target_file = 'process_data/german'
total_samples = create_source_target_file_from_reddit_main_file(pairs, data_source_file, data_target_file,
print('Total num of samples', total_samples)
selected_sources = read_data_from_file(data_source_file)
selected_targets = read_data_from_file(data_target_file)
selected_sources = clean_sentence(selected_sources)
selected_targets = clean_sentence(selected_targets)
dict_word_usage = create_dictionary_word_usage(selected_sources, selected_targets)
print("Total number of words started with in dictionary ", len(dict_word_usage))
# Create a common vocab for sources and targets along with the special codes
vocab_words_to_int = vocab_from_word_to_emb_without_rare_word(dict_word_usage, frequency_of_word)
write_dict_to_file(vocab_words_to_int, 'process_data/vocab_map')
print("Total number of words finally in dictionary ", len(vocab_words_to_int))
# sort the sources and targets based on the number of words in the line
sorted_sources, sorted_targets = sort_text_based_on_number_of_words(
selected_sources, selected_targets, max_line_length)
write_lines_to_file("process_data/english_final", sorted_sources)
write_lines_to_file("process_data/german_final", sorted_targets)
def clean_sentence(sentences):
cleaned_sentences = []
for sentence in sentences:
sentence = clean_text(sentence)
return cleaned_sentences
def clean_text(text):
'''Clean text by removing unnecessary characters and altering the format of words.'''
text = text.lower()
text = re.sub(r"i'm", "i am", text)
text = re.sub(r"he's", "he is", text)
text = re.sub(r"she's", "she is", text)
text = re.sub(r"it's", "it is", text)
text = re.sub(r"that's", "that is", text)
text = re.sub(r"what's", "that is", text)
text = re.sub(r"where's", "where is", text)
text = re.sub(r"how's", "how is", text)
text = re.sub(r"\'ll", " will", text)
text = re.sub(r"\'ve", " have", text)
text = re.sub(r"\'re", " are", text)
text = re.sub(r"\'d", " would", text)
text = re.sub(r"\'re", " are", text)
text = re.sub(r"won't", "will not", text)
text = re.sub(r"can't", "cannot", text)
text = re.sub(r"n't", " not", text)
text = re.sub(r"n'", "ng", text)
text = re.sub(r"'bout", "about", text)
text = re.sub(r"'til", "until", text)
text = re.sub(r"temme", "tell me", text)
text = re.sub(r"gimme", "give me", text)
text = re.sub(r"howz", "how is", text)
text = re.sub(r"let's", "let us", text)
text = re.sub(r" & ", " and ", text)
text = re.sub(r"[-()\"#[\]/@;:<>{}`*_+=&~|.!/?,]", "", text)
return text
def create_source_target_file_from_reddit_main_file(pairs, source_file, target_file, min_words, max_words):
source_file = open(source_file, 'w', newline='\n', encoding='utf-8')
target_file = open(target_file, 'w', newline='\n', encoding='utf-8')
number_of_samples = 0
for line in pairs:
number_of_words_source = len(line[0])
number_of_words_target = len(line[1])
if (number_of_words_source >= min_words and number_of_words_source <= max_words
and number_of_words_target >= min_words and number_of_words_target <= max_words):
number_of_samples += 1
return number_of_samples