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Include path fix. SoftwareSerial would only link properly when the li…

…brary was installed inside of the Arduino package, which is problematic for OS's other than Windows. This hotfix will allow the library to be installed in the proper path: /Documents/Arduino/libraries/. Note: When creating projects using ID20Reader, you must include SoftwareSerial.h in the main file.
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ID20Reader Arduino Library


This is a simple, minimalistic library created to simplify the use of the ID12 or ID20 RFID reader for the Arduino. The library behaves similarly to the Serial library that comes with the Arduino.


Emails can be sent to sbhall808(at)hotmail(dot)com with any questions or requests. You can also post in the issues on GitHub if you find problems or have general questions.


So far this library has only been tested with an Arduino Uno (rev 3.) If you have success with other versions of the arduino, I would very much like to know about it!

Download and Installation

Download the library by clicking here. Unzip the library to any location. Move the ID20Reader folder into your Arduino Libraries directory. Begin coding.

Note: On Mac and Linux, the library folder will be something like Documents\Arduino\libraries\ On Windows, it will be something like My Documents/Arduino/libraries/

Example code

#include <SoftwareSerial.h> // Dependency of ID20Reader. Must include in main file
                            // Due to Arduino software limitations.
#include <ID20Reader.h>

int rx_pin = 9; //Data input pin
int tx_pin = 8; //Unused, but must be defined. (Nothing is sent from the Arduino to the reader.)

ID20Reader rfid(rx_pin, tx_pin); //Create an instance of ID20Reader.

void setup() {
  Serial.println("RFID Reader - Swipe a card ~~~~~");

void loop() {; //Receive a tag from the reader if available

  if(rfid.available()) //a tag has been read
    String code = rfid.get(); //Get the tag
    Serial.println(code); //Print the tag to the serial monitor
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