PHP Discord WebHook Library(outdated, incomplete)
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PHP Discord WebHook Library Simple, All Cointained in One file!


To send a message...

DiscordHook::send(new Message(new User("WEBHOOK URL", "USERNAME", "AVARAR_URL"), "MSG"));

Need to upload a file or embed(s)? DiscordHook Support that too!

Upload a File...

DiscordHook::send(new Message(new User("WEBHOOK URL", "USERNAME", "AVARAR_URL"), "MSG",new Upload("PATH TO FILE","FILE NAME")));

Send With Embed(s)...

print_r(DiscordHook::send(new Message(new User("WEBHOOK URL", "USERNAME", "AVARAR_URL"), "MSG",new Embed("TITLE","DESCRIPTION","URL","COLOUR(int)")))); //single embed
print_r(DiscordHook::send(new Message(new User("WEBHOOK URL", "USERNAME", "AVARAR_URL"), "MSG",[new Embed("TITLE","DESCRIPTION","URL","COLOUR(int)"),new Embed("TITLE2","DESCRIPTION","URL","COLOUR(int)")]))); //multiple embeds