xLCB plugin for x64dbg
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xLCB plugin for x64dbg

xLCB v1 plugin by ThunderCls - 2016 Blog: http://reversec0de.wordpress.com

xLCB mimics the function of the original LCB plugin for OllyDbg created by scherzo. In this case, xLCB is a plugin for the x64dbg x86/x64 debugger by @mrexodia


  • Copy xLCB.dp32 to x32 plugins directory of x64dbg
  • Look under the "Plugins" menu in the main x64dbg window or in the secondary menu in the Disasm window as well

Features & Usage:

  • Export/Import/Clear User-defined Comments & Labels
  • Export/Import Breakpoints
  • Fully compatible with LCB OllyDbg Plugin by scherzo