An Advance staff chat plugins for your staff members
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Staff Chat

Advance private chat plugins for your staff members

Allows you to create a staff chat between staff members with permissions and chat prefix

If you want to make a video of it, please link back to this repo in your description, you may request your videos to be featured here if it meet reasonable quality

How to install and use

To download compiled PHAR, please click the poggit view button above then scroll down selecting the latest by clicking on Direct for latest version, or you can click on latest release "Direct Download"

Put this in your Plugins, start the server to generate a config file, you may edit the config to suit your needs, scroll down for more info on configuration files

To chat into staff chat type your prefix followed by your message, no spaces are required For example prefix is . so typing ".this message will be sent to staff chat" will sent that message to staff chat letting all online staff to know

To chat into staff chat without prefix or commands use "/sc on" this will put all of your message into staff chat for convenience if you wish to have long conversations "/sc off" when you are done

To chat into staff chat as console type "/sc say "

Console can also choose to receive staff chat or not by "/sc attach on/off"

Intended Usage

This plugin was created to allow servers with multiple staff members to cooperate together while chatting silently between each other without /tell and with ease of use!


Commands start with /staffchat alias is /sc

Command Info
say Send a message to staff channel (this is for the console)
on/off/toggle Switch current chat mode (chats directly into staff chat)
reload Reloads configs and flushes internal data
attach <true/false> Attach console into/out of staff chat
check [player] Checks player staff chat status and permissions
list List player with staff chat permissions and is chatting


Config Value Info
prefix Used to send a message directly into staff chat Example: ".hello staff" you may set it to any value you prefer
auto-attach Automatically make console listen to staff chat on start?
console-prefix Console logging prefix for Staff Chat
player-format Staff chat formatting example: "![bold]StaffChat![reset]%sender%>%msg%"
plugin-format Staff chat formatting for plugins
functions (BETA) Enable functions See #functions section below for more
joinleave Enable join leave announce message to staff
join/leave Join leave format

There's also references inside config file


You can use function by typing "$name" in staff chat and will be replaced with appropriate text

Function Name Usage
$pos Replaces it with your level,x,y,z
$ping Replaces $ping with bolded green and play Enderman teleport+Anvil fall sound to all staff
$near(distance number)$ Replaces it with "Near Me(count):" and Playername(GM:mode Dist:number)


permission node Info Allow players to read chat Allow players to chat into chat
staffchat.attach Allow players to attach or detach console from chat
staffchat.check Allow players to check other player's staff chat status
staffchat.list Allow players to list players staff chat status

By default all permission nodes are granted for operators.