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ThunderFly s.r.o.

ThunderFly is a Czech company specializing in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles designed to operate in unfavorable weather conditions.


  1. TF-G2 Public

    UAV Autogyro training model and low weight sensors carrier

    G-code 10 2

  2. TF-R1 Public

    UAV ground control rover

    G-code 1 1

  3. TF-G1 Public

    UAV autogyro design files

    Jupyter Notebook 1 3

  4. FlightGear simulator to PX4 software stack connector

    C++ 18 32

  5. TFSLOT01 Public

    Low speed IAS Airspeed sensor for UAVs

    G-code 3 1

  6. TFRPM01 Public

    Revolutions per minute (RPM) meter for UAV

    G-code 2 3


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