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Spartan Hub

Spartan Hub is an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that gives you a quick overview of your spartan rank, playlist ranks, and your commendation and requisition stats.

Here's how it looks preview

Where do I download it?

Right over here

How do you get my data!?

The moment you log in to this extension can read the data for your HaloWaypoint profile. In the background this extension goes to the pages that show your commendations and requisitions, and parses this data so that it can show it to you in a compact manner.

Do you save my data?

Absolutely not.

So, do you always have access to my HaloWaypoint account?

No! The only thing that this extension has access to is the data when you are logged in. The moment you log out from this extension cannot access the data anymore.

Can you add X feature?

Depends on what the feature is, you can always create an issue requesting the feature

I have a different question

Feel free to email me at


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