An attribute that let's you auto-load resources
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An attribute that let's you auto-load resources

  • Works on fields and properties
  • Loads single resource
  • Loads multiple resources on arrays

##Code Using this attribute is simple; you only need to add the Resource attribute on top of the fields or properties you want to set and call this.LoadResources();. You can choose to specify the name of the resource you want to load, or, either leave it empty or make it end with a / (forward slash) to load all the resources in that folder.


Note: some resources might need the second parameter, forceType, set to true to be able to load properly due to casting of the object type.

##Result Imgur

Every time this.LoadResources(); gets called it will attempt to load the resources into the resource objects. You are not limited to calling this function in a monobehaviour's Start method.