The blog theme you may fall in love with, coming to Hexo.
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The blog theme you may fall in love with, coming to Hexo. Preview

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⭐️ It is strongly recommended that you read the docs before using Icarus.


Profile Sidebar

A nice place to show yourself. You can add your own information in your site's _config.yml

Custom Search Engines

Icarus uses Google as default search engine, but also provide custom search engines such as Swiftype and Baidu.

Custom Comment Services

Icarus supports several comment services, give you better choices to communicate with your readers.

Post Banner & Thumbnail

Thanks to atika, you can now add thumbnails and banners to every post to create better reading experience.

Responsive Layout

Icarus knows on what screen size you are browsering the website, and reorganize the layout to fit your device.

Custom Categories & Tags Pages

Get your categories and tags listed in single pages to make your blog more methodic.


Icarus uses [Fancybox] to showcase your photos. You can use Markdown syntax or fancybox tag plugin to add your photos.

![img caption](img url)


Icarus provides 6 built-in widgets:

  • recent_posts
  • category
  • archives
  • tag
  • tagcloud
  • links

All of them are enabled by default. You can edit them in widget setting.