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Facebook Sample using facebook-winjs-sdk

This sample demonstrates the use of facebook-winjs-sdk as a Windows 8 Store Javascript Application.

Note: This sample does not necessarily demonstrate the best use but rather features of using facebook-winjs-sdk on a Windows 8 Store App. Always remember to handle exceptions.

About the Sample

The scrumptious sample was originally a sample we got from Facebook that was an HTML5 sample. We challenged ourselves to see how easy it would be to port the sample to run on Windows 8 using WinJS and we were able to reuse over 95% of the code. We were able to reuse all of the client side Facebook Javascript except for logging in that was originally written to use with the Facebook JS-SDK.

Getting started

Set the appropriate appId in js/main.js file before running the sample.

    appId: '...'

Setting up Open Graph

Here is a example of how you set up the open graph for the custom actions:


Note: Make sure to enable Internet (Client) capability in Package.appxmanifest file. This is already enabled by default when creating a new project in Visual Studio.