The code used by FRC Team Roboto Through the 2018 season
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Team Roboto 2018 Code

Team Roboto 447 is a First Robotics Competition (FRC) team that works to build and program a robot in six weeks before going to competitions with many other teams. It you want to learn more about FRC or Team Roboto then see the links below.

FRC Website

Team Roboto's Website

This Years Code

This code is our 2018 competition code. (See 2018 FRC game here). On our 2018 robot, Tajiri, had several moving parts controlled by the code. These include the drive train, a lifer, and a cube grabbing mechanism.


Another important aspect of the robot code is the autonomous mode. For the first thirty seconds the robot will not be moved by remote control. This means that for that time the robot is driving based of off pre-programmed movements. This game has a new system in which at the beginning of a match a package is sent to the robot telling it information about the game and it is parsed and used in the autonomous mode. We also have used a custom joystick to input which autonomous runs.


The programming team, having extra time at meetings while the robot was built, decided to add a LED panel to the back of the robot. All of the code, scripts, and images we used are here.