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Safe My work

SafeMyWork saves all files in the given directory into another directory to keep your work safe and avoid losing data and time.

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What for?

SafeMyWork is intended for people who handle a lot of files which can be texts, images, songs... The aim is to avoid losing documents.

GUI (Linux)

Run SafeMyWork and select your working folders. Then while you are working, every a certain amount of time, all files in this folder will be copied into a separate folder. It keeps your files safe if you forget to save your work or delete accidentally files.

It can also synchronize two folders.

CLI (Linux & Windows)

Command line interface

Download the latest release here: Unzip.


Open a terminal window (cmd.exe) and type cli.exe --help to see how to use the command line interface.

Linux (Ubuntu)

Open a terminal window and type cli --help to see how to use the command line interface.


The command...

cli -w /home/username/work-folder --extentions txt,pdf -t filter -d 5 --dirname .git -n 2 --dirpath build/classes

...will copie all files in /home/username/work-folder except the files ending with txt and pdf and except the folders named .git and except the folder build/classes every 5 minutes and it will do this 2 times.

Current state


The current version is 0.6.2.


  • watch different directories
  • specify directories, files, and extensions to exclude
  • interface (gtk)
  • automatic saving tab
  • synchronization tab
  • conflicts file resolution
  • confirm dialog
  • safe mode:
  • 3 Go maximum folder size to copy
  • 250 maximum shown conflicts in conflicts dialog


  • files in confirm dialog in a ListView widget with toggle buttons
  • Conflict dialog: be able to keep the two files
  • Add unit tests
  • dialog for errors (sync)
  • show the size to estimate how long will it take
  • show the size of safe_doc
  • 3 Go limit in settings
  • PEP 471: use of os.scandir instead of walk

Other concepts

  • make an history of each files
  • compress files
  • add little icon to symbolize file explorer in open folder buttons

Launch the app

Run python3

Generate the documentation

You will need to have Sphinx installed. Then run python3 -m pip install sphinx_rtd_theme for the ReadTheDocs theme. To build the doc:

git clone
cd SafeMyWork
cd docs
build html

The documentation is in docs/_build/html/index.html.


SafeMyWork is under the GNU GPL v3 license.