A space age text editor. All chains. No cogs.
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Sprocket - A text editor from the future.


Sprocket is a modest attempt at adding the excellent features from the acme editor into a slightly more featureful text editor.

Its primary feature is the use of a revolutionary new device called a 'mouse'. They are an increasingly popular peripheral that you should be able to find in some specialty stores.

Be sure that you do not buy ones containing cogs.


I like the mouse. I think the mouse is underutilized in most text editors, and I feel this is one of the reasons programmers often discard it in favor of using mind numbing key combinations and sequences instead.

I would like to fix that. Because the mouse is actually really nice.


Open it and type.

Mouse Chaining

Borrowing the idea from acme, this editor tries to use mouse button combinations. I have opted for the term 'chaining' rather than 'chording' because most actions need to be done in a sequence, not just by pressing down multiple buttons. In other words, sprocket needs chains to apply work :)

  • Left Click - Selection.

    A family favorite. Left click is used to position the insert cursor, and highlight text to perform an action on it. Highlighting text with this button and chaining it with another button will cause the action to be performed on the selection.

  • Right Click - Seek.

    Right click will try to find the next thing you are looking for. If you right click a word, you'll seek to the next one. If you right click an opening delimiter, it will seek to the closing delimiter. If I add acme's file browser features (I am on the fence about this..) you can also descend into a directory or to a file by right clicking on it.

  • Middle Click - Execute.

    Run the thing what that you clicked.

  • Shift - Bind.

    If you hold shit and click two places in a text editor, you might notice it bounds the text you just clicked. Kinda handy. This combines with right clicking as well. This means you can easily select a function body or block of quoted text just by right clicking it with shift held down.

    It will also do something with middle clicking but I have no idea yet. Probably excecute the text and replace the selection with the result.

  • Ctrl - Multiply.

    Control clicking in a few text editors will select multiple pieces of text and position multiple cursors on them, which is just neato. Sprocket totally supports this.

    Right clicking with control will select all matches. Great for refactoring.