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Nearly done now. You really shouldn't have any problems unless you're frequently interacting with Discord's menus.

I'm currently rewriting this skin to make sure it's compatible with recent versions of Discord (stable.) It's a little broken, but mostly useable.


Arc for Discord is a custom css file that integrates Discord's UI with Arc, a popular GTK theme.


  • use Arc's scrollbars
  • use Arc's colors
  • flatter and more compact ui
  • less cluttered chat
  • add a colon after usernames in chat
  • remove username in dm header
  • always display timestamps on all messages

Chat can display 60% more messages in AFD than default!


  • additional css file to integrate with Arc Grey
  • additional css file for Arc on light theme
  • make additional compactness optional

Default vs AFD
Default vs AFD (small window)


Discord doesn't currently natively support custom css, but it's possible to inject custom stylesheets using third party tools such as BeautifulDiscord and BetterDiscord. If you'd like to use Arc for Discord, you'll need to install one of those tools first.

I personally used BeautifulDiscord while making this skin, and it may not work with all of BetterDiscord's features.

  1. Install BeautifulDiscord.
  2. Copy the css from arc.css into the custom css file that BeautifulDiscord generates.

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