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An attempt to document and categorize every piece of known software available for download on the internet.
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These are lists of software, focusing on those that are Linux-compatible. Use them to find alternative solutions for things you do every day, or just to find neat new software. Generally speaking, these lists will also contain software that is not made to be used a certain way but still can be. For example, you'll find Atom in the web browsers list because it can be modified to act like a web browser, even though it's made to be a text editor.

It is both possible and likely that I've made some mistakes in the details of these lists, as I have been compiling them by hand. It's also likely that a lot of the data in these lists, such as software's current development status, is out of date. I can't keep track of all this information efficiently enough to constantly keep all the lists updated. If you notice a mistake, feel free to make a pull request or create an issue with details such as which list the correction is for, the name of the software, what needs to be corrected, and any relevant links.

Generally, I will only list software that is still available for download from official sources. The point of this is to reduce linking to potential malware or adware. If there is software listed for which you cannot find a download, it is probably only still available via the repos of a Linux distribution. I'm on Manjaro.

Current Lists

Planned Lists

  • Ambient Sound Generators
  • Audio Editors
  • Dictionaries
  • Game Distribution Platforms
  • Game Library Managers
  • Media Players
  • Music Library Managers
  • Music Tag Editors
  • Random Generators
  • Social Networks
  • Software Lists

Definitions of dev status terms

  • unclear : last release was not dated
  • active : has been updated in the last year
  • dormant : has not been updated for more than one year
  • ongoing : receives irregular updates after long periods of apparent inactivity.
  • deprecated : still widely used but no longer officially recommended and is not receiving updates
  • discontinued : either officially discontinued or there have been no updates for more than two years

I only stick to these definitions strictly in the case of web browsers and email clients. The reason for this is that the other types of software don't really require frequent updates. An office suite could go without updates for a few years without it necessarily meaning it's been abandoned or discontinued, but applications that connect to the internet require frequent security patches.

Some lists may not even include the development status of the software in cases where it's not very relevant.


This database was moved from Reddit where it was a wiki, which was originally moved from my website where it was a poorly made webpage. I'm moving it to Github because I expect that, if anyone should want to contribute, Github will make it much easier for them to do so.

For now I'm putting the lists in their own markdown files in the top level of the repo, but it's not impossible that I'll eventually put them in a wiki here; or, make a github site for the project so that people who aren't familiar with Github can more easily peruse the lists.

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