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compile error... #1

jstrachan opened this Issue · 5 comments

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James Strachan Tiark Rompf
James Strachan

Interesting sounding project!
I just tried it but got this...

[info] Running ch.epfl.lamp.replhtml.ReplMain
2010-10-07 14:46:30.141:INFO::Logging to StdErrLog::DEBUG=false via org.eclipse.jetty.util.log.StdErrLog

Tiark Rompf

interesting, here it works fine. the line before EXTRA is the classpath, this should contains all the jetty jars and the target jars as well -- I wonder why it doesn't. probably something is wrong with the dependencies in the sbt script.

Tiark Rompf

apparently it happens if you do sbt update run on a fresh checkout. if you use sbt update, then sbt compile and then sbt run it works.

James Strachan

Aha! Yeah, I tend to fire up sbt in a shell then do "update" or "run" separately.

Thanks for figuring that out - and I've no idea why there's a difference in behaviour in sbt :)

Tiark Rompf

I use a custom system property to set the repl classpath, and that property is initialized with sbt's compile classpath. maybe the initialization happens too early somehow.

Tiark Rompf

should be fixed now

This issue was closed.
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