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Chess AI written in C++

It reads the table from, computes a move using a heavily optimized version of minimax with a depth of 7, then writes the new table to table.out

Table fromat

A table is a matrix of 8 rows and 8 collumns, the rows are separated by '\n'-s and the elements on a row are separated by spaces. A matrix cell consists in 2 characters. The second stays for who owns the piece in that cell('0' for white or '1' for black) while the first stays for what piece is in that cell:

  • 'P' for a Pawn
  • 'B' for a Bishop
  • 'N' for a Knight
  • 'R' for a Rook
  • 'K' for the King
  • 'Q' for the Queen
  • '_' for an empty cell

Here is the initial table for clarification:
R1 N1 B1 Q1 K1 B1 N1 R1
P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1 P1
_0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0
_0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0
_0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0
_0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0 _0
P0 P0 P0 P0 P0 P0 P0 P0
R0 N0 B0 Q0 K0 B0 N0 R0


As said, the program is about minimax with some optimizations. Thanks to this awesome website:

Here are some of the features:

  • negamax
  • alpha-beta pruning
  • futility and deep futility pruning
  • bitboards
  • positional score


There is no available online demo, but you are free to download the project(the directory called html explicitly) and host it on your own if the php command shell_exec() is working on your machine. Please tell me if you did, so you will be listed here.

Please note that the demo is not made to be used by more than one user at a time, so your table may be replaced by the one of another player at any time. Sorry!

To do

Any contributions are welcome. Here are a few to do's:

  • implement castling
  • make an entirely javascript version to run in the browser tried and it was 1000 times slower