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Latest animation ideas I developed to make apps more attractive
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Android Arsenal

Latest animation ideas I developed to make apps more attractive.

Why having such a repository?

Through all projects I've been through, no matter how reliable the app you are developing can be, there is one thing that users also expect from your app: animations and nice effects. Each project is always a playground to try new things, using new and better architectures, but also creating nice animations. I'm still learning Android, at the beginning it seems that this platform is using static design with the xml language, but if you browse blogs and pay attention to the Android documentation, you'll discover that there is space for animations!


This repository will be probably be updated from time to time, as I start a new project anc create new animations for instance. From now, I have some path, svg and fragments animations. This inspiration comes from those articles:


Feel free to contribute to this repository with your own knowledge, and maybe improve those animations :)

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