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set -e
set -o pipefail
function TEST_junit_dep_49_plays_not_nicely_with_later_hamcrest {
# Make sure our system notices the bug (this broke because of a bad push)
! runs_with_newer_hamcrest junit-dep 4.9
function TEST_junit_dep_snapshot_plays_nicely_with_later_hamcrest {
runs_with_newer_hamcrest junit-dep LATEST
function TEST_junit_snapshot_plays_not_nicely_with_later_hamcrest {
! runs_with_newer_hamcrest junit LATEST
function runs_with_newer_hamcrest {
local artifact_id=$1
local version=$2
rm -rf ~/.m2/repository/junit
rm -rf uses_junit
cp -r sample_project_template uses_junit
sed -i '' -e "s/___ARTIFACT_ID___/$artifact_id/" uses_junit/pom.xml
sed -i '' -e "s/___VERSION___/$version/" uses_junit/pom.xml
in_dir uses_junit mvn test
finally rm -rf uses_junit
### <copied src="">
function in_dir {
local dir=$1
if [ ! -e $dir ]; then
echo "$dir does not exist"
return 1
pushd $dir >/dev/null
finally popd >/dev/null
function finally {
local return_this=$?
return $return_this
### </copied>
source ../
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