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Change Log

Symbolic modified nodal analysis
Last update: see last entry below for date of last update.

Date started: April 17, 2017
file name: node analysis.ipynb
Requires: Python version 3 or higher and a jupyter notebook
Author: Tony

Updates or changes:
Ver 1 - coding started, derived from network.c code
changed approach, now implementing a modified nodal analysis
Wrote some code to generate symbolic matrices, works ok, so heading down the sympy path. Basic debugging finished, but still need to verify some circuits using Ls and Cs.
Started to add code for op amps
Code added to process op amps
Added code to remove spice directives. Fixed orientation of current sources in I matrix. N2 is the arrow end of the current source.
After doing some verification testing with inductors and capacitors, it seems that inductors are not being treated correctly. According to some research, inductor stamp affects the B,C and D arrays. Erik Cheever's code puts inductors into the G matrix as 1/s/L. LTspice results are different than the python code. Capacitors seem to work OK. Plan is to add controlled sources, then get inductors working.
opamp_test_circuit_426 is not working. Results not the same as LTspice Chebyshev_LPF_1dB_4pole: cut off frequency not correct, other features look OK still need to debug opamps and inductors Adding: VCCS = G type branch element: G needs to be modified CCVS = H type branch element: B, C and D need to be modified
researching formulation of B matrix what about a network with only 1 current source? The B, C and D matrix would be 0 by 0. Think about changing the name of the G matrix to Yr, to keep same as Ho's IEEE paper.
CCVS = H type branch element: B, C and D need to be modified
CCCS = F type branch element: B, C and D need to be modified
VCCS = G type branch element: G needs to be modified
VCVS = E type branch element: B and C need to be modified
For CCCS = F type branch elements and CCVS = H type branch elements, need to add a zero volt voltage source to the net list through which the current flows. It is necessary to add to the net list one extra voltage source for every F and H type element.
still working on the B matrix
still debugging B matrix, looks like we don't need find_vname() or df2. This is because a zero volt voltage source is add to the netlist in spice. need to add cccs type to the list of i_unk. Filled out some B matrices by hand and got the same answer as the code.
debugging B, C & D matrices
vcvs is a E type element and sympy didn't like it, fixed problem in parser by changing the lable E to Ea. Also changed the E matrix name to Ev. Code seems to run, just need to verify it. Need to find a new name for func1.
Cleaning up comments and notes.
Fixed incrementing of sn in D matrix. D matrix needs to count all i_unks. In find_vnam() fixed col_num to return just the row number in df2.
Fixed E type in matrix C. Added cccs to i_unk count. Fixed E type in D. Fixed J matrix. need to look at the equations next, they don't look correct.
Updates to the comments. Verifying equations with hand generated KCL equations. Fixed H type in D.
Still verifying code. Fixed F type in C. Still need to verify op amps, inductors and capacitors. 11/19/2017 Fixing some documentation.
Fixing C matric for op amps, one test case ran OK
References use in the debugging of the opamp stamp:
Design of Analog Circuits Through Symbolic Analysis edited by Mourad Fakhfakh, Esteban Tlelo-Cuautle, Francisco V. Fernández
Computer Aided Design and Design Automation edited by Wai-Kai Chen
Added code for coupled inductors, not tested yet.
Testing code for coupled inductors. Changes made to D matrix code. test_circuit_9 seems to give the correct results.
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