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node analysis_10-5-2017.ipynb
node analysis_10-5-2017a.ipynb
node analysis_10-8-2017.ipynb
node analysis_11-19-2017.ipynb
node analysis_11-30-2017.ipynb
node analysis_12-2-2017a.ipynb
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node analysis_8-18-2017.ipynb
node analysis_8-19-2017.ipynb
node analysis_8-19-2017a.ipynb
node analysis_9-1-2017.ipynb
node analysis_9-10-2017a.ipynb
node analysis_9-10_2017b.ipynb
node analysis_9-11-2017.ipynb
node analysis_9-12-2017.ipynb
node analysis_9-18-2017.ipynb
node analysis_9-3-2017.ipynb
node analysis_9-30-2017a.ipynb
node analysis_9-30-2017b.ipynb
node analysis_9-5-2017.ipynb
node analysis_9-5-2017a.ipynb

Backup History

A collection of file backups made during the code development. I usually try to remember to make a backup whenever I get someting working or have made a lot of changes. Sometimes the backups are just restore points in case I need to back track for some reason. For example the way the inductors were being treated by Eric is different, so this ended up being a point where I made a backup before ditching his code.

filename description
node_analysis_8_18_2017.ipynb Starting file, generated from my old c code. I didn’t complete the translation and I changed the approach. I'm now going to implement Modified Nodal Analysis solution.
node analysis_8-19-2017.ipynb This backup contains a mix of numpy and sympy code. Probably will go symbolic, so this backup has the numpy code up to that point.
node analysis_9-1-2017.ipynb This backup has some code clean up. I added op amps, but I have not debugged the code yet. I moved to the comments and text to their own mark down cells for ease of reading and to make the notebook look better.
node analysis_9-3-2017.ipynb Added code to remove spice directives. Fixed orientation of current sources in I matrix. N2 is the arrow end of the current source.
node analysis_9-5-2017a.ipynb After doing some verification testing with inductors and capacitors, it seems that inductors are not being treated correctly. According to some research, inductor stamp affects the B,C and D arrays. Erik Cheever's code puts inductors into the G matrix as 1/s/L. LTspice results are different than the python code generated network equations. Capacitors seem to work OK.
node analysis_9-10-2017x.ipynb Updating the code for the B matrix, saving off work in progress. x = a, b, c, ...
node analysis_9-11-2017.ipynb Saving off work in progress. Created a new data frame for the branches that generate unknown currents. Still need to give the new functions better names.
node analysis_9-12-2017.ipynb Saving off work in progress.
node analysis_9-18-2017.ipynb Debugging B matrix, looks like we don't need find_vname() or df2. This is because a zero volt voltage source is add to the net list in spice. Needed to add cccs type to the list of i_unks. Filled out some B matrices by hand and got the same answer as the code. Need to work on the C matrix next.
node analysis_9-30-2017ab.ipynb debugging B, C & D matrices, vcvs is a E type element and sympy didn't like it, fixed problem in parser by changing the lable E to Ea. Also changed the E maxtrix name to Ev. Code seems to run, just need to verify it. Need to find a new name for func1.
node analysis_10-1-2017a.ipynb Cleaning up comments and notes.
node analysis_10-4-2017.ipynb Fixed incrementing of sn in D matrix. D matrix needs to count all i_unks. In find_vnam() fixed col_num to return just the row number in df2.
node analysis_10-5-2017 & a.ipynb Fixed E type in matrix C. Added cccs to i_unk count. Fixed E type in D. need to look at the equations next, they don't look correct.
node analysis_10-8-2017.ipynb Still verifing code. Fixed F type in C. Still need to verify op amps, inductors and capacitors.
node analysis_11-19-2017.ipynb Updating documentation
node analysis_11-30-2017.ipynb Fixed C matrix for opamps, ran one test case, worked OK
node analysis_12-2-2017a.ipynb Updated code for coupled inductors, Matrix D code changed, not tested yet
node analysis_12-6-2017.ipynb Fixed matrix D for coupled inductors. Limited testing
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