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These are the installation or upgrade instructions for TickyBoo


  • PHP version =>5.2.1, tested with 5.2.X and 5.3.1. We do NOT support: PHP < 5.2.1
  • MySQL version >5.0 with MySQLi
  • Enable email support in PHP - Check email security settings.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (to view/print PDF files)
  • cURL should be enabled for some features (PayPal,
  • OpenSSL should be enabled for some features ie. https:
  • XML Parser should be enabled (Required for Export/Import)
  • iconv support for non-latin text in PDF templates

Some third party code is already included with the distribution

  • Smarty is installed in the .../smarty folder
  • Html2Pdf in ./includes/libs/html2pdf
  • HTMLMimeMail in .../classes (DEPRECATED)
  • Swift Mail in ./includes/libs/swift
  • TickyBoo provides all required pear components in the includes/pear folder.

TickyBoo has been tested on CentOS, Fedora Core, Ubuntu, and Windows with Apache 2.0. Recommended Windows Apache Builds are XAMPP and MoWeS. Generally, the latest stable version of software will have no problems but there are no guarantees.

Full Installation

TickyBoo does not use prefixes in the db tables which means you will need a clean, empty database to install. TickyBoo will not install if there are existing tables.

  • Download the latest release of TickyBoo and decompress it somewhere the web server can see it
  • Create new database using the MySQL client, for example: mysqladmin create tickyboo
  • Set the following folders and subfolders to writable ** .../includes/config/* ** .../includes/fonts/* ** .../includes/temp/* ** .../files/*
  • Browse to the web site and select ‘Full Installation’
  • Remove the .../inst folder from your server
  • Reset the .../includes/config folder to Read-only.