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Fruit Clicky Game


This project focused on memory as you are shown a bunch of images and challenged to click on a different image every time. Focus and you just might win. Keep trying until you get it right.

Interacting with the Fruit Clicky Game

  • The app will render 11 different fruit images to the screen. Each image listens for click events by the user.

Fruit clicky game

  • The app keep's track of the user's score, and increments when clicking an image for the first time. The user's score is then reset to 0 if they click the same image more than once.

  • Every time an image is clicked, the images rendered to the page shuffle themselves in a random order.

  • Once the user's score is reset after an incorrect guess, the game will restart.

Fruit Clicky Game is created with:

* React
* Bootstrap

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