Checks to see if wagerrd is running and restarts it if its not. Reduces downtime from server reboots or service related errors. Perfect if you don't monitor your Masternode daily!
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Installation for PIVX-

wget -q



This will install a script and add a crontab line that will check to see if wagerrd is running on your masternode. If it is running great if it is not then it will start it automagically for you.


Log into the server using ssh and run the following commands:

wget -q


Answer Yes to prompts

If you do not have an existing crontab then the "normal" output of the script will say "no crontab for root" this is normal and the crontab file has been created and the crontask line has been added.

Details: will be created in the ~/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/ directory The created cron task will run every 15 minutes and create a log output in the created ~/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/cronlog directory

The timing can be modified by the following command

sudo crontab -e

locate the line (*/15 * * * * /root/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/ >> /root/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/cronlog/auto.log 2>&1 #logs output to auto.log)

Modify based on your required time frame

Time intervals are denoted by numbers and operators filled in place of each asterisk in a Cron job’s crontab line. From left to right, the asterisks represent:

Minutes specified as a number from 0 to 59. Hours specified as numbers from 0 to 23. Days of the month, specified as numbers from 1 to 31. Months specified as numbers from 1 to 12. Days of the week, specified as numbers from 0 to 7, with Sunday represented as either/both 0 and 7.


1 minute

*/1 * * * * /root/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/ >> /root/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/cronlog/auto.log 2>&1 #logs output to auto.log

5 minutes

*/5 * * * * /root/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/ >> /root/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/cronlog/auto.log 2>&1 #logs output to auto.log

30 minutes

*/30 * * * * /root/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/ >> /root/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/cronlog/auto.log 2>&1 #logs output to auto.log

Testing: (optional)

stop masternode

cd ~/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/

./wagerr-cli stop

cd ~/wagerr-2.0.0/bin/cronlog

watch cat auto.log #(ctrl-c to break watch)

cat auto.log


watch grep CRON /var/log/syslog (ctrl-c to break watch) #this will show all the times the cron job ran


$WGR: WagerrLiVo87tYRpLmwV3QJvB2sY58hS5f

$PIVX: D8bdLWE9Hkg4DdawmyePpPWWQMyk2ABGnm