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Fix for issue #967. Removed redundant app description.

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1 parent 24d03b2 commit e8c52da8dda81edd0d1237ba82656a8f21284060 @colmjude colmjude committed Jul 10, 2012
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@@ -58,7 +58,6 @@ tags: excludeLists excludeSearch
<li class="writedesc"><p>write your notes on the web. Link them, tag them, share them. Your notes are available everywhere, on and offline.</p></li>
<li class="htmlserialisationdesc"><p>an easy to understand HTML representation of your content.</p></li>
- <li class="linksdesc"><p>share direct links to your content. The share app provides you with quick and easy access to the key links within your TiddlySpace.</p></li>
<li class="tiddlywikidesc"><p>use TiddlyWiki to create, edit and organise your content.</p></li>

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