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A node application using to update browsers with Tiddler activity on TiddlyWeb/Space



  • node
  • grunt: npm install -g grunt-cli
  • beanstalkd
  • tsapp - if you want to run the example client.

Project Setup

Run npm install then grunt --help for a list of available project tasks.

Running the Server

The node application listens for incoming data from beanstalkd, so this should be running first. Then run:

node server/twsock.js

This will be running on localhost, ports 8080 and 8081. This is because some deployments of TiddlySpace cannot listen on port 8081 but 8080 is usually open.

Running TiddlySpace

In order to try out the server side code effectively, you will want to run a local instance of TiddlySpace. This is covered elsewhere. Additional steps beyond this are:

  1. Install the dispatcher plugins:

    pip install -U tiddlywebplugins.dispatcher pip install -U tiddlywebplugins.jsondispatcher

  2. In add the following:

    'use_dispatcher': True, 'beanstalk.listeners': ['tiddlywebplugins.jsondispatcher'],

  3. In one terminal run twanager server and in another run twanager dispatcher

Running the Example Client

The example client expects an instance of TiddlySpace running against localhost on port 8000. Run the following:

grunt curl
cd client && tsapp serve

Then navigate to http://localhost:8082/index.html


If you are not running the server side code, you can change this to point to by commenting out (#) the target_server line in the client/.tsapp file.

Also replace localhost with in client/index.html:

<script src="http://localhost:8080/"></script>

And this line in client/assets/ts-sockets.js:

var socket = io.connect("http://localhost:8080");

Packaging and Installation

Server-side Component


grunt package

This produces a gzipped tarball that can be installed as follows:

grunt install

This installs twsock as a global application. It will be available in the path to run as twsock.

Client-side Component

Make sure localhost references are replaced with the target server (e.g. Also make sure target_server is set correctly in .tsapp. Then (from the client directory) run:

tsapp push <space>_public

Replace <space> with the target space where the client-side code will live. Remember, you cannot push to tiddlyspace without prior authentication. If you have not done so already:

tsapp auth