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This is the master repository for the core of TiddlyWiki. It is for the development and maintenance of TiddlyWiki.

If you simply wish to use TiddlyWiki, it is easiest to download it from:

This site also gives details about TiddlyWiki.

TiddlyWiki code and issues used to be stored at and .


Install the git version control system, if you do not already have it.

Install the ruby programming language, if you do not already have it. Ruby is required for some of the TiddlyWiki tools (cook and ginsu).

TiddlyWiki has 4 important parallel repositories:

  1. tiddlywiki, this includes the source and test code for TiddlyWiki itself.

  2. cooker, this includes the tool for building a TiddlyWiki from a set of tiddlers (cook) and the tool for splitting a TiddlyWiki into separate tiddlers (ginsu). You need to download this repository for any TiddlyWiki development.

  3. translations, this includes the translations of TiddlyWiki into a number of different languages.

  4., this includes what is required to build and upload the website.

To do any serious work on TiddlyWiki you will probably want to download all four of these repositories. They should be downloaded into parallel directories, since some of the build scripts used relative links to the other repositories:

git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

Next you need to set up cook. Copy the cook script file to somewhere that is on your path. Edit this file according to the instructions in the file.

Building and testing

There is a Makefile for managing testing. To build and execute the TiddlyWiki tests, type:

make test

Note that, depending on your machine configuration, the tests may take a while to run (perhaps as long as a 30 seconds to a minute).

To set the version number of the alpha build output files edit the file ALPHA. This should normally be set to the same version as in the TiddlyWiki Version.js file.

To build an alpha version of TiddlyWiki incorporating any changes you have made, run the bldalpha script by typing:



Pull requests for feature requests/bug fixes are being accepted for this project. Pull requests should be accompanied by tests. If no tests existed for the given functionality previously, please include these in your contribution to ensure that the TiddlyWiki code base is as reliable as possible going forward. Any pull requests without tests will not generally be folded into the core codebase. See for more information.


TiddlyWiki is Copyright 2011 UnaMesa Assocation

It is licensed under a BSD License.

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