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What is TideSDK

Create multi-platform desktop apps with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. TideSDK is the best way to create beautiful, unique desktop apps using your web development skills. TideSDK is open source and driven by a collaborative, world wide effort involving a skilled team together with variety of open source contributors.

TideSDK supports the use of Python, PHP and Ruby. This provides capabilities beyond the realm of any competitive framework. Our plans include the expansion and extension TideSDK's API's for even better, more complex, and reliable user experiences on the desktop as we move forward.

TideSDK is a significant and substantial software project and became an 'Affiliate Project' of SPI (Software in the Public Interest) as of September 2012. As an 'Affiliate Project' TideSDK in the company of other important open source projects such as Postgres, Debian, ArchLinux, Drupal, and Jenkins CI that are also non profit. Beyond recogition and credibility, our affiliation also allows us to raise funds through donations for the viability and long term future of the project.

TideSDK is the community driven initiative to see this great open source software survive and compete well into the future. TideSDK is offered with an unencumbered Apache 2 license.

TideSDK Users

TideSDK Developers and Contributors


Copyright and Attribution

The following copyright and attribution applies to this document:

  • Copyright © 2012 Software in the Public Interest (SPI). All rights reserved.
  • Copyright © 2012 David Pratt. All rights reserved.


  • David Pratt
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