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The following is a list of frameworks and toolkits in the same cross-platform space as TideSDK (as of November 2012):

  • Adobe AIR - Widely used but with a major vendor dependency and no Linux support
  • XULRunner - Benefiting directly on Firefox development efforts, this is a well-maintained solution with great cross platform support but with almost non-existant tooling or documentation for packaging and distribution other than those of Firefox and other open source XULRunner-based applications themselves
  • Webapp XUL Wrapper A XULRunner-based open source project that builds upon Zotero Standalone build scripts. Working installers for Mac and Linux, and good cross-platform support (Anywhere where Firefox 17 runs, this runs)
  • Chrome Web Apps - Good option if all you need is a link to your web app from your Chrome home screen
  • Chrome Installable Web Apps - Like a Chrome web app with more desktop integration. No flash support.
  • Mozilla Open Web Apps - Good option if all you need is a link to your web app from your Firefox home screen
  • Mozilla Native Web Apps - Like a Mozilla Open Web App with better desktop integration. Still requires online installation through Firefox Marketplace. 
  • Flash projector - Worthwhile-to-mention low cost solution for packaging Flash-based apps as standalone desktop apps
  • AppJS (Node.js) - Promising project but with little activity
  • WebRunner / Mozilla Prism - XULRunner-based approach to running web sites in an independent browser window. Abandonded three times and currently left to rot with HTML5 support but equivalent to Firefox 3.6
A detailed overview of the current state of things as of the beginning of December 2012:

Other solutions:


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  • Copyright © 2012 David Pratt (for TideSDK). All rights reserved.


  • David Pratt
  • Fredrik Wollsén
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