Static site generator for website - custom grunt-based generator using markdown for content and handlebars for templates. Grunt for watching and build min/concat/etc
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package.json Static Site Generator

Content is in ./content/ in markdown format

##Install npm install

bower install

##Run grunt build-serve

##Dev grunt dev

Only copies all css/js files to ./build/ for easy debugging (no min/concat). Does not change script/link tags. Also spins up a livereload connect server and opens in the browser.

##Build grunt build

Outputs all files into ./build/ directory with css and js minified and concat and all html files with updated script/link tags

grunt build-serve

Runs build then statically serves the ./build/ directory and opens in the browser.

##Deploy ./

  • Don't run grunt build-serve or grunt dev while trying to deploy - stuff will be deployed in an undefined state due to the watcher going haywire on build.

  • For deploy to run everything must be committed to git, on the master branch, and pushed to the origin.


  • The master branch is always deployed live. All content work and dev should be done on a feature branch and merged to master to be deployed.

  • All images should be sourced as /assets/images/[FILE] - the build will revision these in css, js, and markup

  • Articles should be defined in the following format. Above the --- should be a valid JSON object that will have all its properties exposed to the template (for example { "title": "mytitle" } will expose a "title" property to the template). The content below the --- will be exposed as "body"

		"title": "The title that appears in <title></title>"


	#Article Content

	Some article body

	The logo:
	![HS LOGO](/assets/images/logo.png)