jquery plugin to arbitrarily count events and fire callbacks every nth event
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Event Counter Dependancies: jquery

Sets up an eventCounter [named {counterId}] that counts the number of times {eventType} is fired on $(element) and every {every} times the eventType occurs, will fire {onTrigger}

onTrigger gets passed

  1. The event
  2. The full set of elements that the counter is listening to

Additional methods

$(elements).eventCounter('destroy' [,counterId]);

removes all tracking from $(elements), or just the tracking from counterId

$(elements).eventCounter('add', counterId)

adds $(elements) to the counterId tracking set

$(elements).eventCounter('increment', event, counterId)

increments the event counter with counterId

//counting clicks on an element and triggering an iframe refresh every 4th click.
  counterId: 'iframeAd',
  every: 4,
  eventType: 'click',
  onTrigger: function(event, allPossibleTriggers) {

//destroying all tracking on the next button

//destroying just the iframe counter, leaving any other counters
$('.next-button').eventCounter('destroy', 'iframeAd')

//adding a previous button to the elements being tracked
$('.prev-button').eventCounter('add', 'iframeAd');

//you can also not bind to elements and just trigger programatically
$.fn.eventCounter('increment', 'click', 'counterId');