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To build: grunt build

To test deploy: change env.js to be 'stage' in scrollstoolbox-server and restart server

To deploy: git subtree push --prefix dist origin live-new ssh to prod & git pull

If server needs restart Look for the process on port 9000 using: netstat -tulpn kill #PID nohup node app & sudo service apache2 restart

fix multi-accounts or non-sync: db.users.update({inGameName: 'INGAMENAME'}, {$set: {owned: []}})

db.users.update({inGameName: 'INGAMENAME'}, {$set: {password: 'changeme1'}})

bugs -resolve port9000 blocked issue -resolve issue -on sync, table doesn't resort

features -goal (tier1 playset, tier2 playset, tier3 playset, faction playset, faction/tier playset) -never buy -never sell -current users list (login time) -include quantity/price shared settings -price rounding

-api -private option on account -admin option on account

Sorting options for WTS/WTB list Column Sorting for Always Buy, Buy Price Override, Always Sell, Sell Price Override

-loading indicators -Exporting to CSV and/or having a publically viewable list

-solve throttle/db save race condition -send salt down (store on socket), password is sent over socket md5+salt -frontload card data in main (still necessary?)

DURING ALPHA/POST-LAUNCH -options to not show 3x -always/never sell quantity option -add starter decks -change help to dropdown top or right for tablet (or just help home?) -phone reduced size nav -nav hiding -3-column view -save data when registering -page exit warnings -extended character support -local storage cache data (md5 to check if need new data - page speed ++++++)