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MVC combo of Slim(C) + PHPActiveRecord(M) + Twig(V) + Twitter Bootstrap(V). Based on
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SlimPackage is a bundling of the following components. It can be used as a starting point for small projects.


  • app/ contains all files for your app: models/, controllers/, views/ (Twig templates) and your config/ (configuration). Slim is instantiated in app/index.php
  • vendor/ contains the libraries for your application.
  • web/ is for your assets: js/css/img/less files. It should be the only folder publically available so your domain should point to this folder. web/index.php bootstraps the rest of the application.


Twitter Bootstrap - Twig

If someone has any suggestions, please make a pull request.


  • Bootstrap macros in views/macros/bootstrap.twig
    • alert
    • label
    • btn


There are a couple of Twig templates in this package. They are included for common use.

  • A Bootstrap Hero template: base/hero.html.twig
  • A Bootstrap Fluid template: base/fluid.html.twig
    • Both of these templates have Slim flash capabilities. The flash template is located in base/components/flash.twig
  • A Bootstrap login form template: /login.html.twig


To get these components working together (or for personal enjoyment) the following adjustments/hacks were made:

1. To vendor/php-activerecord/lib/model.php

to make PHPActiveRecord work with the Twig templating engine the __isset() function and set_timestamps() functions were changed.

 * Determines if an attribute exists for this {@link Model}.
 * @param string $attribute_name
 * @return boolean
public function __isset($attribute_name)
    return array_key_exists($attribute_name,$this->attributes) 
        || array_key_exists($attribute_name,static::$alias_attribute)
        || method_exists($this, "attributes");

 * Updates a model's timestamps.
public function set_timestamps()
    $now = date('Y-m-d H:i:s');
    try {
        $this->updated_at = $now;
    } catch (UndefinedPropertyException $e) {

    try {
        if($this->is_new_record()) {
            $this->created_at = $now;
    } catch (UndefinedPropertyException $e) {


2. incorporated Slim-Extras/TwigView.php

This is an extension to get the Slim framework working with Twig templating engine

2.1 To the TwigView extension the following adjustments were made

2.1.1 Added a static twigFunctions array for easy setting of TwigFunctions and easy loading of Twigfunctions in getEnvironment()
 * @var TwigFunction the custom functions you want to load
 * @param functionName alias for the function
 * @param function the actual function (can be a static class method)
public static $twigFunctions = array();
 * @var TwigEnvironment The Twig environment for rendering templates.
private $twigEnvironment = null;

 * Creates new TwigEnvironment if it doesn't already exist, and returns it.
 * @return Twig_Environment
public function getEnvironment() {
    if ( !$this->twigEnvironment ) {
        require_once self::$twigDirectory . '/Autoloader.php';
        $loader = new Twig_Loader_Filesystem($this->getTemplatesDirectory());
        $this->twigEnvironment = new Twig_Environment(

        foreach (self::$twigFunctions as $function) {
            $this->twigEnvironment->addFunction($function['functionName'], new Twig_Function_Function($function['function']));              

        $extension_autoloader = dirname(__FILE__) . '/Extension/TwigAutoloader.php';
        if (file_exists($extension_autoloader)) {
            require_once $extension_autoloader;

            foreach (self::$twigExtensions as $ext) {
                $this->twigEnvironment->addExtension(new $ext);
    return $this->twigEnvironment;
2.1.2 getRender() function added just to catch the result of a template render
public function getRender($template, $data) {
    $env = $this->getEnvironment();
    $template = $env->loadTemplate($template);
    $data = array_merge($data, $this->data);
    return $template->render($data);
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