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Releases: TiesNetwork/demo-app

Minor update: changeable thumbnail

05 Jul 09:19
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Multimedia friendly release!

01 Jul 15:07
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Hello everyone, and today we made a release that will allow you to work with audio and video files!

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Media player

We made two players for playing files on the basis of the HTML5:

Audio Video
Снимок экрана 2019-07-01 в 17 07 49 Снимок экрана 2019-07-01 в 17 08 00

Optimization and killing bugs

We have refined the search so that it spends less time and searches better. Now it works faster ⚡️
Also, bugs in the interface were corrected and more processing was added.

Welcome new release!

27 Jun 09:03
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Hello everyone, you did not have time to put the first test version, as we have already prepared the second.

What's new?

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We worked on the bugs and fixed many unpleasant bugs, added more information about the errors. And also added new features:


Now we process file types and are ready to provide the user with the ability to search.
You can search for a file by: name, description, extension and content of the file! (only for text/plain)

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Also, the files now have a personal icon (depending on the type of file) and now previews are available for images (in the future we will try to do for all types of files):

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And now, you can download your file from anywhere in the world:

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Ties.DB demo app

23 Jun 17:31
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Ties.DB demo app Pre-release

Most recently, we released a beta version of our database and so that you could test it, we made a special test application.

2019-06-23 20 18 08

Ties.DB file storage:

Basic application for uploading files to the database and editing them.


  • Authorization: You can import your account using json

    • Multi-accounts: Use as many accounts as you need
    • Sign records in the database: Your private key is your signature to the record in the database
  • File storage:

    • Upload files: Upload your first file simply by dragging it
    • Edit file: edit name or description as you like
    • Delete file: and delete it if you don't need the file
  • i18n: We are trying to make the application as convenient as possible for the whole world.

    • EN, RU
    • FR, ES, PT, CH


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photo_2019-06-23 20 29 58