Date & Time module for Lua 5.x
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#LuaDate v2.1

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Lua Date and Time module for Lua 5.x.


  • Date and Time string parsing.
  • Time addition and subtraction.
  • Time span calculation.
  • Support ISO 8601 Dates.
  • Local time support.
  • Lua module (not binary).
  • Formats Date and Time like strftime.


MIT license.


Documentation is available in the doc folder, or online at Github.


Tests are located in the spec directory and can be run using busted.


  • v2.1.2 fix scientific notation #9, now available for Lua 5.3
  • v2.1.1 fix for '>=' operator #3, added test suite, added Travis CI, license MIT
  • v2.1 Lua 5.2 support. Global 'date' will no longer be set.
  • v2.0 original by Jas Latrix