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Windows batch file to build Lua from source
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Windows batch file to build Lua from source. Simply place the .\etc\winmake.bat file in your downloaded and unpacked Lua source folder (preferably in a \etc\ subfolder). And run it from the root folder to build Lua (eg. etc\winmake /help).

Since there also is a Github repo with Lua sources you can now also use winmake to build from those sources (file structure with .\etc\ and .\src\ is no longer required).

Make sure that your compiler is in your system path before running it. For the Microsoft toolchains you can use their commandshell. The TDM release also has a shell available for 32 and 64 bit.

NOTE: if you're interested in a more complete Lua setup, checkout luawinmulti, which builds on top of luawinmake.


If all you need is a quick Windows binary, then checkout the CI build artifacts. Select the version you need and download the archive from the artifacts.


  • etc\winmake /help displays usage info
  • etc\winmake builds the Lua installation
  • etc\winmake <toolchain> builds using the specified toolchain, skips auto detection
  • etc\winmake clean cleans the (intermediate) build results
  • etc\winmake local installs the build Lua version in .\local\
  • etc\winmake localv installs the build Lua version in .\local\ in a versioned manner
  • etc\winmake install <path> installs the build Lua version in <path>
  • etc\winmake install <path> installs the build Lua version in <path> in a versioned manner

Available flags;

  • --nocompat When building, this will disable all compatibilty flags (otherwise default flags same as the MinGW make file will be used)

File structure

Installing creates a structure similar to the standard Lua MinGW install;

  +-- bin
  +-- include
  +-- lib
  |    +-- lua
  |         +-- <LuaVersion>
  +-- man
  |    +-- man1
  +-- share
       +-- lua
            +-- <LuaVersion>

The localv and installv commands create versioned installations, with the following differences;

  +-- bin                      --> eg. contains lua52.exe and luac52.exe
  +-- include
  |    +-- lua
  |         +-- <LuaVersion>   --> containing the header files
  +-- lib
  |    +-- lua
  |         +-- <LuaVersion>
  +-- man
  |    +-- man1
  +-- share
       +-- lua
            +-- <LuaVersion>


It auto detects the Lua version from the source code. It was tested with;

  • 5.1
  • 5.2
  • 5.3

Lua is build with the default compatibility options (mimics the unix makefiles for each of the Lua versions listed above). Unless the --nocompat flag is used.

It supports MS and GCC based compilers (autodetects; uses the first one found in the system path), and was tested with;

  • Win7 SDK
  • Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015
  • MinGW
  • TDM32
  • TDM64

Thanks to

  • The Lua team for a great language
  • @ignacio for testing various Visual Studio builds



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